Medium size untreated sea sponge

Natural untreated sea sponge medium size.

Comes from the sea while fishing. Not treated and not dyed. Ideal for your face. The softer and most gentle for your baby bath. Also for makeup applying and removal.

Product Description

Medium size untreated sea sponge

100% Natural Sea Sponges gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells at the same time benefits and nourishes with their unlimited content of calcium, magnesium and zinc.
Unlike synthetic sponges made with petroleum products and chemicals, sea sponge is an organism so totally free from chemicals, toxins and no chance to cause allergy or to be harsh.
There exceptionally soft and silky texture makes them the best choice for all skin types especially sensitive and newborns delicate skin.

Medium size untreated sea sponge
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Gross Weight 45 g
Size S
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