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Small palm basket containing 2 items of the following: soap, oil, comb, cream, stone, massage rod

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  1. Box for Men
    Christmas Gift Box for men
    Special Price 263.50 LE Regular Price 310.00 LE
  2. Large Palm Basket
    Large Palm Basket
    Special Price 364.65 LE Regular Price 429.00 LE
  3. Small Palm Basket contains 30X30 towel, small oil, samples cream, small wooden comb, pimouse stone for the feet and shaped soap
    Small Palm Basket
    Special Price 239.70 LE Regular Price 282.00 LE
  4. Bathrobe and slippers box contains large bathrobe and slippers size 40
    Bathrobe and Slippers Box
    Special Price 607.75 LE Regular Price 715.00 LE
  5. The Small Package
    The Small Package
    Special Price 166.60 LE Regular Price 196.00 LE
  6. Towel Box contains a big 100% natural untreated cotton bath towel 150x100, and 30 x 50 towel, and 30X30 towel
    Towel Box
    Special Price 319.60 LE Regular Price 376.00 LE
  7. Box no. 3 containing a comb, soap, small cream and pimouse stone
    Box 3
    Special Price 184.45 LE Regular Price 217.00 LE
  8. Box no. 1 containing towel size 30 x30 plus small oil plus one soap
    Box 1
    Special Price 124.10 LE Regular Price 146.00 LE
  9. Small Palm Basket x2
    Small Palm Basket x2
    Special Price 102.00 LE Regular Price 120.00 LE
  10. Small Carton box containing a small oil, 1 olive oil soap, & 1 small cream
    Small Carton Box2
    Special Price 68.00 LE Regular Price 80.00 LE
  11. Small Carton box containing a small oil, &  2 olive oil soaps
    Small Carton box
    Special Price 43.35 LE Regular Price 51.00 LE
  12. Small wooden box
    Small wooden box
    Special Price 46.75 LE Regular Price 55.00 LE
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Items 25-36 of 40

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