Rosemary Hydrosol

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Rosemary Hydrosol:


Besides brightening and clarifying the color of all skin types, rosemary hydrosol can help calm irritations, blemishes, bumps, and roughness of the skin. Rosemary hydrosol is also analgesic , giving it a little extra punch in helping relieve pain associated with various skin irritations. Especially oily and acne-prone skin. Benefit from the anti-bacterial properties of rosemary hydrosol by spraying it on acne, eczema. Benefits of rosemary hydrosol for the hair: known to promote hair growth. Use it as an effective scalp tonic. Rosemary is antifungal in nature, You can spray it to reduce dandruff, itchy scalp and scalp fungal infections.

Rosemary Hydrosol
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Net Weight 250
Gross Weight 800
Size S
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