Nefertari is 100% Natural Body Care Products

All Nefertari Products are

100% Natural

100% Handmade

100% Free from preservatives

100% Free from coloring agents

100% Free from artificial fragrances

100% Environmentally Friendly

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Featured Products
  1. Liquid Castile Soap made with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Pure Natural Essential Oil of Lemon grass to keep the bugs away

  2. 100% Natural Fridge Freshener

    Every refrigerator and freezer can profit from an open box of baking soda in it, to guard against unwanted and stale odors, replace it with a fresh box every 3 months.

    Use it also for cleaning and washing your refrigerator by washing inside walls and shelves with baking soda & water paste.

    Ingredients: Natural Sod. Bicarbonate.