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All Nefertari Products are

100% Natural

100% Handmade

100% Free from preservatives

100% Free from coloring agents

100% Free from artificial fragrances

100% Environmentally Friendly

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Featured Products
  1. 100% Natural Deodorant
    100% Natural Deodorant
    Special Price 144.50 LE Regular Price 170.00 LE

    Deodorant 50 ml

    reduces inflammation and under arm irritation, does not clog pores, soothes dry skin, does not prevent perspiration.
    Anti-bacterial, antifungal, rempve and eliminate underarm smell.
    It will keep you clean and fresh all day long.

    componnents: Aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, lavender oil, flower oil and natural tocopherol ( vitamen E )

  2. Avocado Oil 58 ML
    Avocado Oil 58 ML
    Special Price 225.25 LE Regular Price 265.00 LE

    Avocado Oil is extremly rich in oleic acid and mono unsaturated fatty acids making it one of few oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize your hair rather than sitting on top and coating the hair.
    Strengthen the hair shaft and help prevent breakage.
    Excellent for moisturizing the skin.
    prevent and treat acne.