Nefertari is 100% Natural Body Care Products

All Nefertari Products are

100% Natural

100% Handmade

100% Free from preservatives

100% Free from coloring agents

100% Free from artificial fragrances

100% Environmentally Friendly

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Featured Products
  1. 100% Natural Deodorant
    100% Natural Deodorant
    204.00 LE
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    Deodorant 50 ml

    reduces inflammation and under arm irritation, does not clog pores, soothes dry skin, does not prevent perspiration.
    Anti-bacterial, antifungal, rempve and eliminate underarm smell.
    It will keep you clean and fresh all day long.

    componnents: Aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, lavender oil, flower oil and natural tocopherol ( vitamen E )

  2. 100% Natural Frankincense Gum with Natural Essential oil of Lemon Peel

    Components: Frankincense gum and Essential oil of lemon peel.
    Use it like ordinary incense.
    Keep out of reach of Children at a temperature does not exceeds 30° C at a dry place away from Heat
    and direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eye.