Community Development

Nefertari is strongly contributing to community development by empowering local groups and marginalized communities inside Egypt (with special emphasis on women) by means of integrating them into skill development and income generating activities allowing them to meet their basic needs and sustain an acceptable level of living and thus improving their social development and exp anding their opportunities.

Nefertari is currently supporting several unprivileged Egyptian families (either directly or through cooperation with NGOs) located in Cairo as well as in other governorates reaching the New Valley and the western desert of Egypt in the Oasis of  Siwa and Farafra.

Western Desert of Egypt – Oasis of Farafra

عن نفرتاري

Hayah Developmental Association

In an attempt to sustain Hayah Developmental Association in the Oasis of Farafra, Nefertari is getting some of the Olive oils used in the production of the soaps, creams, oils, and lotions from the Farafra Oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt.  Nefertari’s need of the oil sustains several families through the cultivation and pressing of the 100% natural organic extra virgin olive oil.

On another front, and also through Hayah Developmental Association, Nefertari obtains the 100% natural untreated camel wool obtained from the camels in the Western Desert Oasis. Nefertari uses the Natural Camel Wool in the production of 100% natural hand spinned untreated wool shawls…etc.

Moreover, Nefertari is Marketing some of the camel wood products produced by the community of Farafra through Hayah Association by including them in the gift sets…etc.  Nefertari plans to contribute in the camel wool production in the Oasis of Farafra by teaching the women of Hayah Association the right way of weaving the camel wool products including the socks, shawls, jackets, head covers..etc.


El Harraneya

Nefertari is currently sustaining several families in El Harraneya who are hand making the palm tree baskets famous for Nefertari’s most selling gift wrapping.  In fact, we are very proud that these baskets are currently used for the 5 stars hotels’ VIP guests gifts and are very much appreciated by most of our clients.

Nefertari is still holding its promise to buy all the family’s production regardless the market demand on the items.


Aboul Seoud & Italian AID … project  (Hiring and training)

عن نفرتاري

Nefertari is collaborating with CISS (International Cooperation South – an Italian non for profit organization)
and Abu El Seoud Association which aims at promoting working children’s, youth’s and women’s well being in Abu El Seoud Area in Old Cairo. Through this association, Nefertari is hiring women and youth workers in an attempt to offer them jobs to promote their well being and ameliorate their standard of living.


Additionally, Nefertari is enrolling some of the workers in Abu El Seoud Association literacy and language skills development classes for them to have a second language and to promote their well being while opening new horizons and enabling them to work in the market and deal with foreigners.


Divorced & Widowed Women Group

Nefertari is supporting a group of 35 widow and divorced woman in a project involving h and embroideries on 100% Natural Egyptian Cotton and Linen.  Through Nefertari’s training and guidelines, the group produces top quality and finest sleeping clothes and tableware cloth which we are extremely competitive in the international market.

In order to integrate these women into an income generating activity and help them sustain a living and educate their children on their own, Nefertari is buying all the group’s production and is held responsible for the resale and marketing both locally and internationally.

Furthermore, Nefertari is currently working on obtaining funds from different donor parties for these women to decrease their cost of production and maximize their profit thus diminishing their poverty levels.


Fayoum Association for Organic Agriculture

Nefertari is obtaining most of 100% natural organic herbs used in the production of a lot of its 100% natural Body Care Products from a non for profit association in Fayoum which was established in 2001 with the aim of developing the organic agriculture in Fayoum and increase the level of environmental awareness of and provide community development services and support to the farmers of Fayoum and their families.