Cyperus rotundus Oil

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Cyperus rotundus Oil 60 ml

For Decreasing undesired body hair growth .

How to use: After Removing the unwanted hair by any method, just apply the oil To the area desired, Repeat this every time you remove the unwanted Hair.

Product Description

Cyperus rotundus oil

It pocesses many wonderful characteristics but the most important one is that it decreases the growth of undesired body hair.
Cyperus rotundus oil slows the enzymes that stimulate hair growth, and with the continuous use of the oil prevents the emergence of unwanted hair
It is a natural way to reduce the appearance of body hair that could be better than other artificial ways that may harm your skin.
How to use:
Use on the desired area after each hair removal process to eliminate unwanted hair and leave it on the skin for the largest period possible. Repeat the process until you get the desired results.

Cyperus  rotundus Oil
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